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Pedagogik & utveckling is a business unit within Psykologpartners, specializing in interventions based on Applied Behavior Analysis, Positive Behavior Support and developmental psychology.


Our consultants are specialized in


Applied Behavior Analysis – ABA

Applied Behavior Analysis is a psychological approach based on learning theory. It is a scientifically validated approach for understanding behavior and how the environment affects it. Behavior analysis focuses on the principles explaining the process of learning. ABA is the use of techniques to bring about meaningful and positive change in behavior and to develop a useful behavior repertoire.


Positive Behavior Support – PBS

Positive Behavior Support is an approach used to organize interventions based on applied behavior analysis. All PBS interventions should be evidence-based, rest on clear ethical values and be designed for implementation in the individual’s natural environment. Normally interventions need to be implemented both on an individual and on an organizational level.


Cognitive Behavior Therapy – CBT

Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a form of psychotherapy based on learning theory, cognitive, and social psychology. Focus is on the client’s present situation and on interaction with his or her environment. The therapists at BanyanCenter have a vast experience of working therapeutically with individuals with different types of disabilities.


Early intensive Behavior Intervention – EIBI

Early Intensive Behavior Intervention is a structured way of applying ABA for children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. To qualify as Early Intensive Behavior Intervention the following criteria must be met; training should commence before the child starts first grade, include at least 20 hours of training per week and last for at least two years. During this treatment period, the children receive skills training within areas such as communication, play, language and motor skills; all the behaviors that neurotypical children normally learn during their first years of life. An EIBI team typically consists of the child’s parents and educational professionals under guidance of an experienced ABA-supervisor.


School Wide Positive Behaviour Support – SWPBS

The best way to work with different kinds of problem behaviors or problem situations in school is to deal with them before they arise, which means working preventively. School Wide Positie Behavior Support  is an evidence based program that aims to help schools lessen the prevalence of problem behaviors, improve academic results and create conditions for structure and a good study environment in and outside of the classrooms. The intervention is focused on student behaviors but is a thorough intervention that involves everyone in the school, both students and teachers.


We provide:


Supervision is provided in a group setting. Its aim is to help staff, and in some cases also relatives, to develop a common approach. Through the learning of methods and techniques the staff can create an environment where development can be optimized, and the individual’s need for challenging behaviors reduced. Supervision can be carried out both individually and in groups. Pedagogik & Utveckling offers ”hands-on supervision” where you work directly with the client as well as supervision in the form of consulting staff and/or parents.


Training and education

Pedagogik & Utveckling offers training both in combination with supervision and as independent courses with varying content and of varying length, for example basic training in ABA and PBS. In addition we also offer lectures, parent training and workshops that may focus on communication or positive reinforcement.


Individual therapeutic interventions

Individual therapeutic interventions for people with different psychological difficulties or challenging behaviors can be implemented both through direct contact with the client and/or through supervising professionals in his or her network. Examples of behavioral problems that may require treatment and/or skills training, are; aggressive behavior, self-injury, obsessions or compulsions, excessive fears, depression, social skill deficits and communication difficulties.


Organizational support and management

For a behavior analytical approach to be successful, all levels of the organization must have basic knowledge about, and understanding of, behavior analysis. Organizational support may include components such as role definition, leadership and staff training. Pedagogik & Utveckling assists in the implementation of ABA in organizations through participation and support in every step of the way.

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